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Entry #2

:( sorry

2010-11-24 12:51:32 by bloodfested

sorry guys, i know i'm rubbish at flash, i need someone to help me be the big hit! oh damn i suck so bad.
sorry i put some really crap stuff on guys i put 2 parts out of 3 on today so i hope you enjoy that at least :)


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2010-11-24 13:00:52

i can help you, send me a PM if you want. I can send you to a few flash makers of mine, they are good.

bloodfested responds:

hey guys i appreciate your help im 12 yrs old and i still have much to learn. i have worked with flash for about 1 year so i just thought i could help thanks guys for chekin out my page i never expected newgrounds to be so harsh!


2010-11-24 15:14:08

I can help, too. I am young, but I have 3 years of practise! I can help you, so PM me if I can help you in something.


2010-11-25 16:53:52

well i was 12 on here last year so ill just give you a piece of advice
people arent going to give a crap about your age and as much as it sucks they expect the same quality as the pros dont worry youll get the hang of it

i could work with you if you want